Jamie Townsend Art

Vermont painter, illustrator, sculptor


Looking at Jamie’s art is like walking through a forest of windows, each a voyage into a city or countryside of wonder and amusement. Inside comes out, outside comes in. Reality is also aboard. A super ride.”

Scylla Liscombe (Poet, Dancer, Sarasota, Florida)

Jamie Townsend's palette

jamie townsend art springfield bowl mural

Springfield Bowl, Springfield, Vermont

The home of my newest large-format commercial art. Two, 60-foot murals depicting the amazingly fun sport of bowling. Thankfully the owners are great supporters of local artists–all things local, actually!

They are at:

Springfield Shopping Plaza, 2 Chester Road

Springfield, VT 05156


north adams gallery piece jamie townsend

“Yellow Towers” Left (Foreground)

North Adams Artists’ Co-op Gallery

Currently my wood sculptures are on display here.  With MassMoca around the corner, they were interested in getting big and bold with some sculptures.

robert obrien watercolor

Robert O’Brien

Robert O’Brien is undoubtedly one of Vermont’s, and perhaps one of the world’s, best watercolor artists working today.

Scylla Liscombe – Strange Fire

Scylla Liscombe is a poet, dancer, and artist. Ms. Liscombe is a recording artist and one of the few poets in the country working in the ancient, spontaneous, oral mode of composition to music. She is the originator, along with Justin Spring, of SOULSPEAK a contemporary version of the ancient oral poetry used by all cultures prior to reading and writing.

Henrik Drescher

Henrik Drescher is one of my greatest influences and, undoubtedly, one of the great abstract expressionists.

Ralph Steadman

One of my favorite living artists and, along with Drescher’s Ant Sandwich, Ralph Steadman is a real inspiration for my upcoming book.